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  • Personal Information

    Associate professor
    Supervisor of Master's Candidates
    Date of Birth:1987-02-04
    Date of Employment:2014-12-31
    School/Department:Hefei University of Technology
    Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
    Business Address:翡翠湖校区科教楼B601
    Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
    Alma Mater:Xidian University
    Discipline:Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology
    Computer Applications Technology
    Signal and Information Processing
    Communications and Information Systems
    Honors and Titles:
    2020-01-06elected:2020年, 安徽省教学成果奖,三等奖,安徽省教育厅, 2019jxcg470-2;
    2016-12-20elected:2016年, 合肥工业大学青年教师教学基本功比赛,一等奖;
    2015-11-20elected:2015年, 安徽省教学成果奖,三等奖,安徽省教育厅, 2015cgj318-6
    2016-10-12elected:CIE International conference on Radar, Excellent Paper Award, Second Prize
  • Profile

    [Personal Profile]

    Name: Fang Zhou

    Gender: Female

    Academic Title: Ph.D., Associate Professor, Graduate Supervisor

    Hometown: Chizhou, Anhui Province, China


    Fang Zhou received the B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Xidian University, Xi'an, China, in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

    Fang Zhou is currently an associate professor with the School of Computer and Information, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China.

    Her research interests include radar signal processing, intelligent signal processing, radar imaging technology, target detection and recognition.


    [Main courses]

    Undergraduate: "Radar Technology", "Digital Logic Circuits", "EDA Technology".


    [Student Development]


    At present, she supervises 8 postgraduates.



    It is hoped to recruit undergraduate students with strong hands-on ability (software programming), self-motivation, and an interest in digital signal processing and radar image processing to participate in project work.



    Welcome students who are interested in radar applications, image processing, possess a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and active critical thinking.

    The laboratory can provide a higher academic research and engineering practice platform for outstanding students.


    [Student Competition Award]

    [1] 2019年,第十三届iCAN国际创新创业大赛安徽赛区选拔赛,二等奖,题目:基于麦克纳姆轮和lpc54606芯片控制的智能轮椅;


    [2] 2019年全国大学生电子设计竞赛,三等奖,选题代号C:线路负载及故障检测装置;


    [3] 2020年安徽省大学生GIS应用技能大赛,省三等奖,基于遥感与GIS技术的山区城镇土地利用空间格局优化;


    [Project experience]

    --Sponsored scientific research projects













    [7] XXX天线与目标性能研究(横向),2020-2022


    --Teaching and research projects presided









    She had participated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Defense 863 Project, Anhui Province Key Research and Development Program and horizontal cooperation projects of research units.


    [Publication of papers]

    As the first author, the list of relevant scientific research achievements that have been published (including accepted) in domestic and foreign journals and international conferences is as follows:

    [1] Fang Zhou, Guoqing Shen, Yifan Liu, Jing Fang, Jiajia Zhang, Mengdao Xing. Simultaneous Multi-Resolution Imaging Based on Multi-Mode MIMO-SAR[J]. IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATIONS AND REMOTE SENSING,2023.


    [2] Fang Zhou, Fengjie He(研究生), Changchun Gui, Zhangyu Dong, Mengdao Xing. SAR Target Detection Based on Improved SSD with Saliency Map and Residual Network[J]. Remote Sensing, 2022, 14(1): 180.


    [3] Fang Zhou, Jun Yang(研究生), Guangcai Sun, Jiajia Zhang. A Real-time imaging processing method based on modified RMA with sub-aperture images fusion for spaceborne spotlight SAR [C]. IGARSS 2020, Hawaii, USA, 2020.9.27-10.2.


    [4] Fang Zhou, Jiaqiu Ai, Zhangyu Dong, Jia-jia Zhang, Meng-dao Xing. A Novel MIMO-SAR Solution Based on Azimuth Phase Coding Waveforms and Digital Beamforming. Sensors,2018, 18(10):1-16.


    [5] Fang Zhou, Meng-dao Xing, Jia-jia Zhang, Guang-cai Sun*, and ZhengBao, Measurement and Correction of the Ionospheric TEC in P-bandISAR Imaging[J]. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2015,12(8): 1755-1759. 发表时间2015-5-6


    [6]Fang Zhou, Guang-cai Sun, Xiang-gen Xia, Meng-dao Xing*, and ZhengBao, Stepped frequency synthetic preprocessing algorithm forinverse synthetic aperture radar imaging in fast moving targetecho model [J]. IET Radar Sonar and Navigation, 2014, 8(8):864-874.


    [7]Fang Zhou, Guang-cai Sun, Meng-dao Xing, A Full-aperture ImagingMethod for Hybrid Sliding Spotlight Bistatic SAR[C]. IETInternational Radar Conference 2013, Xi’an, China, 2013.4.14-16.


    [8] Fang Zhou, Xue-zhi Yang, Guang-cai Sun, Meng-dao Xing, Ionospherecorrection algorithm for P-band spaceborne SAR imaging [C].Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar 2015,Singapore, 2015.9.1-4.


    [9]周芳,孙光才,吴玉峰,邢孟道,保铮,圆迹SAR运动误差分析及补偿技术[J].系统工程与电子技术,2013, 35(5): 949-955.发表时间2013-5-21


    [10]周芳,孙光才,邢孟道,唐禹,保铮,/机双基地混合滑动聚束式SAR距离-多普勒成像算法[J].电子与信息学报,2011, 33(8): 1851-1857.发表时间2011-8-19


    [11]周芳,唐禹,张佳佳,邢孟道,王玉,机载高分辨聚束式SAR实时成像处理系统的FPGA实现[J].电子与信息学报,2011, 33(5): 1248-1252. 发表时间2011-5-19


    [12]周芳,张佳佳,孙光才,邢孟道,P波段ISAR信号电离层污染相位校正方法[J].系统工程与电子技术,2015, 37(7): 67-73.




    [Teaching and research papers]

    [14]周芳,吴思士.“校、教、企”联合的电子信息工程专业实践教学体系建设实践. 当代教育实践与教学研究,2020.12.




    As a co-author, the list of relevant scientific research achievements that have been published (including accepted) in domestic and foreign journals and international conferences is as follows:

    [1] Jiahao Luo, Fang Zhou*, Jun Yang and Mengdao Xing, DAFCNN: A Dual-Channel Feature Extraction and Attention Feature Fusion Convolution Neural Network for SAR Image and MS Image Fusion[J]. Remote Sensing, 2023, 15(12), 3091.

    [2] 杨军(研究生),周芳. 分布式小卫星MIMO-SAR超高分辨成像方法[J]. 西安电子科技大学学报, 2021, 48(2): 96-105.


    [3] 谭宏伟(研究生),周芳. 一种联合实、复互相关函数的SAR干涉图像两级配准算法. 电子技术与软件工程,2020.12.


    [4] Hang Yang, Jiaqiu Ai, Weidong Shi, Fang Zhou, Jinling Zhao and Zhao Niu. A Refined Bilateral Adaptively truncated clutterstatistics-based variability index constant false-alarm-rate detector in SAR imagery [J]. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 2020, 14(2), 026509-1-17.


    [5] Hongwei Tan(研究生), Fang Zhou, Jun Yang. Ground Deformation Monitoring of Hefei Subway Line 2 Based on SBAS-InSAR [C].Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar 2019, Xiamen, China, 2019.11.26-29.


    [6]Zhang Sheng, Zhou Fang, Sun Guang-Cai, Xia Xiang-Gen, XingMeng-Dao, Bao Zheng. A New SAR-GMTI High-Accuracy Focusing andRelocation Method Using Instantaneous Interferometry [J]. IEEETransactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2016, 54(9):5564-5577


    [7]Zhao Ning, Zhou Fang, Xing Meng-dao, Jiang Kai, and Ge Jia-long.A High Precision Space-borne P-band SAR Ionosphere Effects CorrectMethod Based on Double Frequency Measurement [C]. EUSAR 2014,Berlin, Germany, 3-5 June 2014. 发表时间2014-6-3


    [8]Zhang Jiajia, Sun Guangcai, Xing Mengdao, Bao Zheng, and ZhouFang. An Efficient Signal Reconstruction Algorithm for SteppedFrequency MIMO-SAR in the Spotlight and Sliding Spotlight Modes[J]. International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2014,329-340.  


    [9]Zhang Jiajia, Zhou Fang, Sun Long, Jiang Kai. MIMO-SAR SolutionBased on Azimuth Phase Coding Waveforms and Digital Beamforming[C]. CIE Radar 2016, Guangzhou, 10-12 Oct. 2016.


    [10]张佳佳,周芳,孙光才,邢孟道,保铮.基于机载前向阵雷达的三通道SAR-GMTI技术研究[J].电子与信息学报,2012, 34(2): 344-350.  发表时间2012-2-19


    [11]赵宁,周芳,王震,邢孟道,葛家龙,鲁加国.P波段雷达成像电离层效应的地面观测与校正[J].雷达学报,2014, 3(1): 45-52.


    [12]张佳佳,周芳,孙光才,邢孟道,保铮.基于前向阵雷达的三通道地面快速动目标检测与成像方法[J].电子与信息学报,2013, 35(1): 8-14.发表时间2013-1-19


    [13]张佳佳,周芳,孙光才,邢孟道,保铮.二维脉内扫描稿信噪比高分辨率大测绘带成像[J].西安电子科技大学学报(自然科学版),2014, 41(4): 6-12+150.  发表时间2014-9-25


    [14]张佳佳,孙光才,周芳,邢孟道,保铮.基于方位相位编码线性调频波形的MIMO-SAR[J]. 系统工程与电子技术,2014,36(8): 1505-1510.发表时间2014-8-22




    [16]杨学志,陈靖,周芳,郎文辉,郑鑫,李国强.基于同质像素预选择的极化SAR图像非局部均值滤波[J].电子与信息学报,2015, 37(12): 2991-2999.




    [Invention patents]

    [1]周芳,杨学志,刘留,夏晶凡. 基于多频子带并发的星载滑动聚束MIMO-SAR成像方法[P],中国专利:201610025343.2.(已授权)


    [2]邢孟道,董祺,孙光才,周芳. 基于信号预处理的高速目标ISAR步进频信号合成方法[P],中国专利:201510363523.7,(已授权)


    [3]周芳,杨学志,刘彦斌. 一种针对隐形飞机的双基ISAR成像检测方法[P],中国专利:201710554781.2 (已授权)


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    [1]   IEEE会员,中国电子学会会员;

    担任IEEETransactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing、IEEETransactions on Signal Processing、IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observation and RemoteSensing、IET Radar、IEEEGeoscience and Remote Sensing Letters、SignalProcessing、Journalof Applied RemoteSensing、电子与信息学报、雷达学报、系统工程学报、中国图象图形学报等国内外期刊审稿人。

  • Education Background

    [1]  2005.9- 2009.8
    西安电子科技大学 | 信息对抗技术 | University graduated | Bachelor's degree | 本科就读于西安电子科技大学,电子信息工程学院,信息对抗技术,本硕连读,导师:李亚超
    [2]  2009.9- 2010.8
    西安电子科技大学 | 信号与信息处理 | 硕士就读于电子信息工程学院,信号与信息处理,硕博连读; 导师:邢孟道,研究方向:合成孔径雷达成像;
    [3]  2010.9- 2014.12
    西安电子科技大学 | 信号与信息处理 | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study | Doctoral Degree in Engineering | 博士就读于雷达信号处理国家重点研究所,信号与信息处理专业; 导师:邢孟道,研究方向:合成孔径雷达信号补偿技术;
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2014.12- Now
    合肥工业大学 | 计算机与信息学院
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    Name of Research Group:雷达技术与创新应用实验室

    Name of Research Group:信号与信息处理研究所

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