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  • DOI number:10.1016/j.trb.2022.02.013
  • Affiliation of Author(s):合肥工业大学
  • Journal:Transportation Research Part B
  • Key Words:Intercity ride-sharing; Vehicle routing problem; Variable neighborhood search; Neighborhood operator; Local search
  • Co-author:Xu Xiaoming, Yu Miao, Yuan Kai
  • First Author:Guo Jiaqi
  • Indexed by:Applied Research
  • Correspondence Author:Long Jiancheng
  • Discipline:Engineering
  • First-Level Discipline:Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Document Type:Article
  • Volume:158
  • Page Number:113-139
  • ISSN No.:0191-2615
  • Translation or Not:no
  • Date of Publication:2022-01-01

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Hefei University of Technology
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