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  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates
  • Name (Simplified Chinese):常文军
  • Name (Pinyin):changwenjun
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  • School/Department:信息管理系
  • Business Address:科技楼814
  • Gender:Male
  • Contact Information:18256919088
  • Status:Employed
  • Alma Mater:合肥工业大学
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常文军,合肥工业大学讲师,硕士生导师。澳大利亚悉尼科技大学(UTS)工程与信息技术学院人工智能中心(CAI)联合培养博士。主要从事不确定性决策分析、数据驱动决策分析、医疗辅助诊断等方面的研究工作,主持国家自然科学基金青年项目、合肥工业大学学术新人提升A计划、青年教师科研创新启动专项项目。相关研究成果发表在《Decision Support Systems、《IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems》、《European Journal of Operational Research、《Journal of the Operational Research Society》、《Annals of Operations Research》等主流期刊上。担任KBS、CAIE、AOR等国际期刊的审稿人。


  • [1] Chang Wenjun, Fu Chao, Chang Leilei, Yang Shanlin, Triangular bounded consistency of interval-valued fuzzy preference relations. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2022.

  • [2] Chang Wenjun, Zhang Qian, Fu Chao, Liu Weiyong, Zhang Guangquan, Lu Jie, A cross-domain recommender system through information transfer for medical diagnosis. Decision Support Systems, 2021, 143, 113489.

  • [3] Chang Wenjun, Fu Chao, Xu Dongling, Xue Min, Triangular bounded consistency of fuzzy preference relations. Information Sciences, 2019, 479, 355-371.

    [4] Chang Wenjun, Fu Chao, Feng Nanping, Yang Shanlin, Multi-criteria group decision making with various ordinal assessments. Group Decision and Negotiation, 2021, 30: 1285-1314.

  • [5] Fu Chao, Chang Wenjun, Xue Min, Yang Shanlin, Multiple criteria group decision making with belief distributions and distributed preference relations. European Journal of Operational Research, 2019, 273(2): 623-633.

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