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  • Lecturer
  • Name (Simplified Chinese):Yi Yang
  • Name (English):Yi Yang
  • Name (Pinyin):yangyi
  • E-Mail:
  • Date of Employment:2022-01-21
  • School/Department:计算机科学与技术系
  • Education Level:Postgraduate (Postdoctoral)
  • Business Address:合肥工业大学翡翠湖校区科教楼A602
  • Gender:Male
  • Degree:Doctoral degree
  • Status:Employed
  • Alma Mater:奥克兰理工大学
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Work Experience
  • Hefei University of Technology , School of Computer Science and Information Engineering , Lecturer , 在职 2022-1-1 ∼ Now
Educational Experience
  • Auckland University of Technology , Computer Science and Technology  , Doctoral degree , Postgraduate (Doctoral) 2016-8-1 ∼ 2020-8-1
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Doctoral degree

Yi Yang
Hefei University of Technology
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