Xie Zhao

Doctoral degree

With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

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Date of Birth:1980-06-28
Date of Employment:2007-07-01
Business Address:合肥工业大学翡翠湖校区科技楼(西)A601(西)


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I have been engaged in basic theoretical research and application work in image and video analysis and understanding, as well as intelligent information processing for a long time, and have obtained a doctoral degree in Computer and Application from Hefei University of Technology.

The head of the Image and Video Analysis Laboratory, with 4 guiding teachers, a clear division of labor, sound systems, excellent research conditions and environment, adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, rigorous academic research", currently has more than 20 graduate students.

I have led 2 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 1 project of the 863 project. I am the executive director of the 973 project sub project and the national key research and development plan sub project. I have also led 2 horizontal projects for enterprises. Main research projects include 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 6 863 projects, 1 National Defense Science and Industry Bureau project, 3 Ministry of Education planned projects, and 4 Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects.

Participated in the compilation of 2 planned textbooks, published 2 monographs, published 1 academic conference paper collection, published over 80 academic papers, and multiple papers were included in SCI or EI. They have been granted 6 invention patents, 2 software copyrights, 1 first prize of Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, and 1 second prize of Anhui Provincial Natural Science Award.

Enrollment Scope

081000 Information and Communication Engineering 01 Intelligent Information Processing Direction

081200 Computer Science and Technology 01 Digital Media Technology Direction

083500 Software Engineering 05 Multimedia Information System Direction

085400 Electronic Information 01 Electronic and Communication Engineering Direction

02 Computer Technology Direction

03 Software Engineering Direction

04 Artificial Intelligence Direction

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2010.1  to  Now

2007.7  to  2009.12

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