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  • Professor
  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates
  • Name (Simplified Chinese):刘凯
  • Name (Pinyin):lk
  • Date of Employment:2010-07-01
  • School/Department:Hefei University of Technology
  • Administrative Position:Foreign Affairs Secretary
  • Education Level:Postgraduate (Postdoctoral)
  • Gender:Male
  • Degree:Doctoral degree
  • Status:Employed
  • Alma Mater:Chang’an University
  • Discipline:Road and Railway Engineering
  • Honors and Titles:
  • 综述:出版专著1部;主编6项地方、行业协会标准,5项省部级工法。其中代表性成果如下:
  • 著作:(ISBN 978-7-114-15116-3).人民交通出版社股份有限公司.2018
  • 安徽省地方标准:(DB34/T2808-2018).2018
  • 安徽省地方标准:(DB34/T2155-2015).2015
  • 安徽省地方标准:(DB34/T-2014).2014
  • 江苏省地方标准:(DB32/T 4470-2023).2023
  • 中国公路建设行业协会标准:(T/CHCA 009-2022)/(中路建协发【2021】22号).2022
  • 中国公路建设行业协会标准:(T/CHCA 008-2022)/(中路建协发【2021】22号).2022
  • 中国公路建设公路工程工法:(GGG(苏)F3583-2021).2021
  • 中国公路建设公路工程工法:(GGG(皖)C3151-2014).2014
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          Liu Kai: Doctor of engineering, Professor, director of secondary discipline of transportation infrastructure construction,.He is in charge of the research on the key technology of intelligent road traffic infrastructure design and vehicle-road cooperation, the development and application of intelligent road sensing, detection and operation and maintenance equipment (vehicles), road numerical simulation and simulation analysis, new energy snow and ice melting highway technology, etc. He is in charge of the functional laboratory of pavement materials,presiding over the National Natural Science Foundation of China and youth, the special postdoctoral grant fund and the general grant fund of China, the transportation industry of the Ministry of Transportation,Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department,and more than 10 programs entrusted by goveronment,20 programs entrusted by Provincial Department of Communications and enterprises.The research results have won 5 provincial and ministerial awards,including the First Prize of Provincial Transportation Science and Technology Progress,the Second Prize of China Association of Inventions,the First Prize of Transportation Science and Technology Progress Award.He is Selected candidates for the “Innovative And Entrepreneurial Talent” program.He has published 80 high-level papers, including 41 SCI papers in AUTOMAT CONSTR, ENERGY, J CLEAN PROD, and other internationally renowned journals on civil engineering, energy and environment (2 ESI highly cited papers, 23 CAS 1 TOP journals) as the first or corresponding author. He has published 1 monography, 6 local and industry association standards,5 provincial and ministerial work methods,80 invention patents (3 international invention patents) as the first inventor,of which more than 30 have been transferred and licensed.

     He was awarded the first prize, second prize and third prize of Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievement Award once each;he was awarded the title of "Excellent Young Graduate Student Tutor of Anhui Province",and was awarded 3 projects of Anhui Provincal Education and Reform;he published 3 teaching and research articles,has guided students to win the first prize in the National Competition of Transport Science and Technology for four consecutive years (national A-class event);the Gold Award of Anhui Province“Internet+”Competition.In addition,he won 2 national A-class competition awards and 10 provincial competition awards.He also guided one graduate student to win the "Wang Bingzang" Graduate Student Award,1 excellent master's thesis in Anhui province,1 star of innovation and entrepreneurship in Anhui Province,8 excellent graduates in Anhui Province.

    Work Experience
    • Hefei University of Technology , School of Transportation Engineering , Lecturer 2010-7-1 ∼ 2012-12-1
    • 合肥工业大学 , 交通运输工程学院道路与交通工程系 , 副教授 2013-1-1 ∼ 2016-8-31
    • Hefei University of Technology , School of Transportation Engineering , Associate Professor 2016-9-1 ∼ 2020-12-1
    • Hefei University of Technology , School of Automobile and Transportation Engineering , Professor 2020-12-1 ∼ Now
    Educational Experience
    • Wuhan University of Technology , Civil Engineering  , Bachelor's degree , Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) 2000-9-1 ∼ 2004-7-1
    • Chongqing Jiaotong University , Road and Railway Engineering  , Master's degree , With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates 2004-9-1 ∼ 2007-5-1
    • Chang’an University , Road and Railway Engineering  , Doctoral degree , With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study 2007-9-1 ∼ 2010-6-1
    • Hefei University of Technology , Civil Engineering  , Doctoral degree , Postgraduate (Postdoctoral) 2010-12-1 ∼ 2013-6-1
    • Michigan Institute of Technology , Visiting Scholar 2016-9-1 ∼ 2017-9-1
    Social Affiliations
    • Expert of Hefei Development and Reform Commission
    • Member of the Committee of Anhui Highway Society
    •  Expert of Anhui Traffic Engineering Committee
    • Member of the Technical Committee of Pavement Maintenance Technology and Materials, Asphalt and Other Cement Processing, Characterization and Performance of World Transport Conference
    • Outstanding reviewers of CRST, CBM, Chinese Journal of Highway and Transport; Reviewers of APPLIED ENERGY, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING、JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION、INT J HEAT MASS TRAN、CBM、JMCE、CRST、IJPE、Journal of Transportation Engineering, Highway Transportation Science and Technology, Vibration and Impact and so on.
    Research Group
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    Doctoral degree

    Hefei University of Technology
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