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Lei Li



Education Level:Postgraduate (Postdoctoral)

Alma Mater:Macquarie University

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Computational Oncology

Tumors contain a variety of cells, which are sometimes in a cooperative and competitive state. A differential game model has been established using game theory and computer tools to investigate the biological interaction between two types of tumor cells, one in an oxygen rich state and the other in an oxygen deficient state, with relevant parameters set. Cells within tumors will form different energy metabolism patterns based on their distance from oxygen rich blood flow. For example, tumors formed in areas with low oxygen content in the human body use glucose for energy metabolism, while tumors grown in areas with high oxygen content use lactate for metabolism.

On the basis of this differential game model, considering socio-economic constraints and interpretability, how to design diagnosis and treatment plans to maximize the survival of patients is our focus of concern.