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School/Department:School of computer science and information egineering

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Alma Mater:Hefei University of Technology

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Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Alma Mater:Hefei University of Technology

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A novel hierarchical V2V routing algorithm based on bus in urban VANETs

DOI number:10.1587/transcom.2022EBP3012
Abstract:Multi-hop V2V communication is a basic way to realize the data transmission in the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET). It has great potential in the field of intelligent transportation systems and vehicle automatic driving in the future and has a positive effect on improving the safety, reliability, and comfort of vehicles. With advantages in speed and trajectory, distribution on the way, size, etc., urban bus has become a prospect relay node in urban VANETs. However, it is a huge challenge to construct a stable and reliable (meeting the requirements of bandwidth, delay, and bit error rate) multi-hop routing, because of the complexity of the urban road and bus line network in the communication area, as well as many unevenly distributed buses on the road, etc. In view of this above, this paper proposes a new hierarchical routing algorithm based on V2V geographic topology segmentation. Firstly, based on a city map containing road network information, the entire city is divided into a series of small grids by physical streets. Secondly, based on analyzing the characteristics of the adjacent grid bus lines, the grids with the same routing attributes are integrated into the same area, which reduce the computational complexity of the algorithm during route discovery. Then, for the calculated area set, by filtering out a group of areas satisfying from the source node to the destination node, coarse route composed of the selected area is established. Finally, within the selected area, the bus sequence between anchor intersections is selected and a complete multi-hop route from the source node to the destination node is finally constructed. Sufficient simulation experiments show that the proposed routing algorithm has more stable performance in terms of packet transmission rate, average end-to-end delay, routing duration and other indicators than similar algorithms.
Co-author:Shengzhen Yang,Xing Wei
First Author:Xiang Bi
Indexed by:Journal paper
Correspondence Author:Benhong Zhang*
Document Type:J
Page Number:1487-1497
ISSN No.:0916-8516
Translation or Not:no
Date of Publication:2022-12-01
Included Journals:SCI